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PNS – Pre-Dator Hybrid

R499.00 R400.00
PNS pre-dator Hybrid Pre-Workout has been scientifically formulated to give you the user a product light years ahead of its time, it delivers key ingredient compounds in there most effective forms and mg doses so you can literally ‘eat the competetion’ and ‘kill’ your workout.Not only will predator deliver insane strength, vascularity, skin spilitting pumps, energy and focus but will simultaneously in true hybrid fashion sculpt your physique into a lean mean fat burning machine and all this from one true single scoop!

PNS – Ultra Amino

PNS - ULTRA-AMINO packs a real fat-burning punch with a clinical dose of L-Carnitine, improving metabolism, promoting fat loss and speeding fat mobilization.ULTRA-AMINO has been formulated utilizing the naturally superior 2:1:1 RATIO.

PNS Killer

R499.00 R399.00


PNS Metamorphosis Whey – 1kg


100% Whey Isolate Protein

Ingredients: Ion Exchange Ultra-Filtrated Superior Whey, Cocoa, Flavour and Pure Sucralose. ASPARTAME FREE.