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Chronicle Nutrition Amino NRG

AMINO NRG is a stimulant-based, amino acid complex formula designed to support high intensity, endurance training as well as muscle recovery.600 Grams

Evogen AminoJect

R699.00 R450.00
AminoJect Electrolyte Complex – Rounding out this highly effective formula is a revolutionary electrolyte blend.This full spectrum blend was designed specifically for hardworking physique enthusiasts to optimize performance and muscle fullness.Electrolytes serve a crucial role in maintaining water balance throughout the body and facilitating motor neuron function.Without this addition to the AminoJect formulation, there’s a chance performance could be compromised as you increase your training volume.470 Grams

NPL Amino Pre-Load



  • BCAA 10:1:1
  • Increases Energy and Focus
  • Enhances Fat Burning
  • Muscle Recovery and Endurance
300 Grams

Nutritech Endurade 2HRS+


Endurade 2hrs+

3:1 carbohydrate to protein performanceAmino acid & electrolyte blend hydrationServings: 20 single servings

Nutritech Endurade Recovery Milk


Endurade recovery mlk

2:1 carbohydrate to protein + BCAA’s + EAA’s Assist muscle repair + refill energy storesServings: 10 single servingsFlavor: Chocolate

Nutritech L-Glutamine

Pharmaceutical Grade Pure L-Glutamine Rehydrate, Rebuild + Recover100 Servings50 Grams

PNS – Ultra Amino

PNS - ULTRA-AMINO packs a real fat-burning punch with a clinical dose of L-Carnitine, improving metabolism, promoting fat loss and speeding fat mobilization.ULTRA-AMINO has been formulated utilizing the naturally superior 2:1:1 RATIO.

USN BCAA 12:1:1



BCAA 12:1:1 is a zero-sugar, zero-sodium, stimulant-free refreshing BCAA drink with a super-ratio of 12:1:1. Leucine, contributing to the factor of 12 in the ratio, aid in muscle protein synthesis resulting in intense performance and lean muscle building and maintenance.Glutamine has been added to BCAA 12:1:1 to aid in muscle recovery and protection.BCAA is designed to help you perform better and for longer, increase lean muscle mass and recover faster.400 Grams