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Chronicle Nutrition Amino NRG

AMINO NRG is a stimulant-based, amino acid complex formula designed to support high intensity, endurance training as well as muscle recovery.600 Grams

Evogen AminoJect

R699.00 R450.00
AminoJect Electrolyte Complex – Rounding out this highly effective formula is a revolutionary electrolyte blend.This full spectrum blend was designed specifically for hardworking physique enthusiasts to optimize performance and muscle fullness.Electrolytes serve a crucial role in maintaining water balance throughout the body and facilitating motor neuron function.Without this addition to the AminoJect formulation, there’s a chance performance could be compromised as you increase your training volume.470 Grams

Fast Grow Amino’s

MUSCLE SUPPORT STACKUSN's Fast Grow Amino's is a powerful source of amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins to build muscle, repair tissue and promote recovery.Fast Grow Amino's are formulated to enhance performance and endurance and can be used daily.

MUTANT Glutamine

  • Advanced glutamine formula
  • 100% pure, zero fillers
  • Vegan fermented
  • 5 grams of free form L-glutamine
  • Micronized for higher solubility
  • Lab tested ingredients
  • 60 servings
  • Unflavored formula for stacking
60 Servings300 Grams

Mutant PUMP

R649.00 R350.00
  • Insane pump supplement*
  • Maximum strength
  • Contains HyperOx®, which helps extend nitric oxide signalling for enhanced muscle pumps*
  • Laboratory tested ingredients
  • 289 mg of electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat during exercise*
  • Clinically tested levels of the nitric oxide support ingredients
  • Easy-to-swallow veggie capsules
  • Stimulant free

NPL Amino Pre-Load



  • BCAA 10:1:1
  • Increases Energy and Focus
  • Enhances Fat Burning
  • Muscle Recovery and Endurance
300 Grams

Nutritech L-Glutamine

Pharmaceutical Grade Pure L-Glutamine Rehydrate, Rebuild + Recover100 Servings50 Grams

PNS – Ultra Amino

PNS - ULTRA-AMINO packs a real fat-burning punch with a clinical dose of L-Carnitine, improving metabolism, promoting fat loss and speeding fat mobilization.ULTRA-AMINO has been formulated utilizing the naturally superior 2:1:1 RATIO.

Rush Multi-Phase Anabolic Matrix (Glycer)

R400.00 R370.00
Rush Multi-Phase Anabolic Matrix (Glycer) is precisely dosed with premium ingredients at maximum dosage for your best workout yet.Rush your body to its peak with Rush series.
  • Optimize performance, pump & recovery.
  • Loaded with muscle pump-amplifying ingredients.
  • Includes for fast acting, high- impact energy, intense focus and drive.
Flavor: Exotic Berry

Thermotech Burn Quencher 255g


Thermotech Burn Quencher

Body sculpting & toning agent thermogenic pre-workout

Servings: 30 single servings

Winner’s Ener-G 500g

SPORTS HYDRATION DRINKWinner's EnerG rapidly replaces electrolytes, energy and phosphates during physical activity and helps reduce exercise-related muscle cramping.Winner's EnerG is certified by Informed-Choice.orgFlavor: Grape RascalsSize: 500g