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3D-Fit Lifting Straps

Our 3D-Fit Lifting Straps Are designed to help you emphasize muscle contraction during your grueling back training sessions.

Elbow Sleeves – XL

Elbow Sleeves are designed to support your elbows during strenuous activity.By creating a pressured environment in the elbow, connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) is safely supported.

Knee Sleeves


Our Knee Sleeves are ergonomically designed to provide strength and stability to the knee joint during strenuous movement. This designed also allows easier movement, and creating a pressured environment through compression to ease ligament and tendon wear.

Knee Sleeves Benefits:

  • Built with Neoprene to withstand heavy training
  • Ergonomically designed to support tendons, ligaments, and blood flow.
  • Provides compression and heat retention

Knee Straps – Light Weight (Yellow)

Material: Engineered Elastic Infusion Length = Each Strap is 2 Metres long

Knee Straps (Heavy Duty)

Heavy Duty Knee Straps mainly used by bodybuilders and powerlifters. Constructed for ultimate knee stability during weight training and are a great benefit during heavy squats. Designed to provide an extremely tight fit and to be worn for a short period of time.

Lifting Hookz

Sizes: One size fit all Material: Stainless steel hook with a neoprene wrist strap

Neck Harness

R950.00 R750.00
Fitness Body Neck Harness
Sports Gym Training Exercise Belt Weight Lifting Head Harness For Neck Strength

Power Grip Pads

Sizes: One size fit all Material: Rubberized padding with a neoprene wrist strap