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Arm Buster


ARM BUSTER is designed to ensure strict form when performing bicep curl movements.


  • Keeps tension on the muscle
  • Rapid bicep growth
  • Keeps perfect form
  • Prevents ego lifting

Cross Fit Leather Grips

This product is essential for the protection of your hands during high rep pull-ups, kettlebell swings, toes-to-bar, and many other bar exercises. Both sides of the grips are manufactured from textured leather to eliminate slippage. These grips have a convenient hook and loop strap for a comfortable fit.Colour: Black with Red VelcroMaterial: Leather with a hook and loop Velcro closureWidth: (6.35 cm)Length: Varies based on size (See sizing chart) Adjustable hook and loop strapApplications: Avoid tearing up your hands on high rep WODs, pull-ups, kettlebell & dumbbell swings, etc. Healthy hands = longer workouts.

Lifting Hookz

Sizes: One size fit all Material: Stainless steel hook with a neoprene wrist strap

Power Grip Pads

Sizes: One size fit all Material: Rubberized padding with a neoprene wrist strap

Unisex Gym Gloves

For great additional grip, these Fitness Freakz gym gloves will provide just that. Mainly used during weight training for the prevention of calluses forming on hands.